Wawona Meadow Loop Trail

Location: Yosemite National Park

Distance: 3.8 miles

Type: Day Hike; Out-and-back

Rating: Easy

Permits & Fees: There is a park entrance fee, but no parking fee. More information can be found HERE.

Driving Directions: Google Maps directions can be found HERE. Parking is located at the Wawona Hotel.

Preparation: Arrive early to ensure a parking spot. Depending on the time of year, the Wawona Hotel parking is reserved for guests and may be full. Bring water, snacks and sunscreen!

Dog Friendly? Yes, on a leash.

The Hike:

AllTrails Map – CLICK HERE

After parking at the Wawona Hotel, cross the highway (Wawona Road) and locate the trailhead (directions can be found HERE). The trailhead is marked by these signs:

Continue on the dirt path until the following gate is reached. The trail continues down the dirt path with the Wawona Golf Course to the right of the trail:

The path is fairly easy to navigate with only one fork. When the fork is reached (about a mile in) continue on the main dirt path back towards Wawona Road.

At the other end of the trail is another gate and a small crosswalk that leads to the opposite side of Wawona Road. Note that there was a construction project when we visited during the weekdays. This may not be the case anymore, but plan accordingly just in case!:

After crossing Wawona Road, take the last bit of the trail back towards the Wawona Hotel. Enjoy this relaxing hike!