Flume Trail


The Flume Trail (also known as Brown’s Ditch Trail) is located in my favorite place in California; Oakhurst –  a quiet little town right outside the West entrance of Yosemite National Park.

Distance: 5 miles

Type: Day-Hike

Rating: Very Easy

Permits: None required


The Flume Trail is considered a very easy hike and does not require much preparation. We each packed a water bottle, a leash and doggie bags (it’s a dog-friendly trail, so we brought a Siberian husky named Maya). We also put on loads of sunscreen and brought our sunglasses.

The Hike

There’s a reason this trail is named the “Flume” Trail. The majority of this hike takes place on an old flume that is used to carry water down to Bass Lake. When we went on the hike, there was no water in the flume and Bass Lake was practically dried up due to the severity of California’s drought during that time.

The hike is 2.5 miles to the beginning of the flume. Despite being twisty, the hike is on flat terrain the entire time. You can often hear dirt-bikes in the distance, as there are several dirt-bike and quad trails nearby.

At the end of the hike is a small pond (I forgot to snap pictures of it, oops!) where the flume begins.

We decided to jog the trail on the way back. About halfway down the flume, we weren’t paying attention and came within inches of a rattlesnake. I had never seen one before and thankfully we ran right over it before it had a chance to make a move. We ran pretty fast after that.

Overall, I really enjoyed this hike. It was simple, convenient and easy to get to. The fact that it was dog-friendly was also a bonus. If you ever find yourself on this hike, just watch out for critters, especially during the summer months.

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