Las Trampas Peak

Location: Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Park near San Ramon, CA

Distance: 4.6 miles

Duration: Approximately 2 to 2.5 hours

Type: Day-hike; Loop

Rating: Moderate

Permits & Fees: There is no parking fee, but lots fills up quickly during peak months.

Directions to Trailhead: Located off of Bollinger Canyon Road. Click

Preparation: A majority of the hike is exposed, so bring plenty of water and sunscreen. To beat the crowds, it’s best to complete this hike as early as possible.

The Hike: Please refer to this map (copies are located at the end of the parking lot, near the restrooms). The trail is highlighted in pink:

After parking in the lot off of Bollinger Canyon Road in Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Park, locate the beginning of the trail, which is behind the large sign that reads “Bollinger Canyon Staging Area”:

NOTE: The hike can also be started via the Chamise Trail, which is located about a quarter mile back down Bollinger Canyon Road and is marked by this sign:

After entering through the gate, the trail is off to an exposed, steep climb up the side of a hill. The first couple of signs point towards the direction of “Las Trampas Peak” as seen below:

Continue on the trail up the hill and keep an eye out for critters, especially cows!:

The Bollinger Creek Loop Trail eventually turns into the Las Trampas Ridge Trail. Note that there are several unmarked forks on this portion of the trail, but they all lead to the Peak. Stay left to hike towards Las Trampas Peak. The forks are marked by the small arrows on the map:

The forks are also marked by signs that read “Las Trampas Ridge Trail”:

The next portion of the hike offers 360 degree views of the Regional Park. At this point of the trail, it feels as if the Las Trampas Ridge Trail lives up to it’s name; the trail is actually on a ridge, with drop offs on both sides.

There is a “false peak” that seems like it should be Las Trampas Peak, but continue hiking until this gate and sign are reached:

Continue up to the Peak, which is marked by an old Oak Tree. Enjoy the views at the top! (Hopefully the smoke clears out soon).

After enjoying the views, take the same trail back to the fork marked by “Las Trampas Ridge Trail/Bollinger Creek Loop Trail”. Hike in the direction of the arrow pointing towards Las Trampas Ridge Trail; here is where the second half of the loop begins.

Take the Las Trampas Ridge Trail until another fork is reached, marked by this sign:

This is the fork for the Chamise Trail split. Take the Chamise Trail the rest of the way until Bollinger Canyon Road is reached. This is the view at the end of the hike:

After the Chamise Trail Gate (as pictured earlier) is reached, take a right and walk down Bollinger Canyon Road until the parking lot is reached.

Make sure to start early and pick a day that has a healthy AQI. Enjoy!

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