Hidden Falls Regional Park

Location: Auburn, CA

Distance: Various, see trail system map below

Type: Day-hike

Rating: Easy

Permits & Fees: None


Get the the park EARLY. I can’t stress this enough. This is a very popular destination throughout the year and parking is extremely limited. If the lot is full, you’ll be turned away by a ranger with a map to nearby hiking spots. For this hike, I wore warm workout clothes, hiking shoes, sunscreen and brought a 32 oz. bottle of water.

The Hike(s)

Hidden Falls Regional Park is full of several different trail systems which can be found here (via the County of Placer website). This is the route I took to view both the Hidden Falls and Canyon View Falls:


The hike I went on totaled to about 3 miles. For a longer hike around the whole park, I’d suggest hiking the S. Legacy Trail and N. Legacy Trail, which connect to each other. The hike around the whole park should be around 7 miles.

The trail systems within this park are fairly easy compared to others in the Auburn area, making it family (and dog!) friendly. I went on a Sunday morning and the park was absolutely filled with families. I hope to return to the park again soon to explore the rest of the trails.