Trail of 100 Giants

Location: Sequoia National Forest; (Near Johnsondale, CA)

Distance: 1.3 miles

Type: Day-hike; Loop.

Rating: Very Easy

Permits & Fees: $10 parking fee per vehicle.

Driving Directions: Google Maps directions can be found HERE. Note that the parking lot is located across the street from the trailhead.

Preparation: Arrive early to ensure a parking spot; this trail has heavy traffic, especially during the summer months. Bring water and sunscreen!

Dog Friendly? Yes, on a leash.

The Hike:

AllTrails Map – CLICK HERE

Park in the lot located off of the Great Western Divide Hwy and locate the self-registration station. Note that the $10 fee is cash-only:

After paying the fee, walk directly across the highway to the trailhead sign (beware of cars!):

A few notes about the trail:

  • This trail is paved and wheelchair friendly!
  • There is a camping ground nearby called the Redwood Meadow Campground. The “North Entrance” can be accessed from here. The “South Entrance” is where we started and is located directly across the street from the parking lot.
  • Since the trail is very popular, there can be heavy traffic. Be patient and mindful of other hikers.

Shortly after starting on the trail, one of the largest Giants can be seen. This Giant is called the Proclamation Tree:

Continue on the trail until the first fork is reached. I recommend staying to the left and completing the loop clockwise. The section where the two Giants fell includes a broken wooden pathway that was destroyed by one of the falls:

Continue on the trail until the Fallen Giant Loop intersection is reached. From here, the 1800’s Fallen Giant Loop can be accessed:

After finishing the 1800’s Fallen Giants Loop, walk towards the “North Entrance” until another fork is reached. Take a right (taking a left will lead to the “North Entrance”). This will lead to the start of the trail near the Proclamation Tree. Finish off the loop at the South Entrance. Enjoy!