Acorn Creek Trail

Location: Pilot Hill, CA; Near Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

Distance: 4.9 miles

Type: Day-hike; Out-and-back. NOTE: This is a multi-use trail for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Rating: Easy

Dog Friendly?: Yes!

Permits & Fees: There is a $5 parking fee at the Acorn Creek Trailhead. This hike can also be done starting at the Darrington Trail parking lot, however, it is $10 to park there.

Driving Directions to Trailhead: Click HERE. Note: Look for a gravel road on the right-hand side of the road and a sign that reads “Acorn Creek Trailhead”.

Preparation: Water and sunscreen!

The Hike:

After parking at the Acorn Creek Trailhead, locate the following signs (these mark the start of the trail):

Continue on the dirt trail. At around the 0.4 mile mark, there are two separate creek crossings a few yards from each other. Watch your step!:

The next section of the trail is through a somewhat shaded area and is partly uphill (this may be the most challenging part of the hike). Eventually, a fork in the trail is reached. On the left the trail continues downward and on the right is this green gate:

Walk uphill towards the green gate and continue on the trail. This part of the trail is completely exposed so make sure you have your sunscreen! Here are a few views from this section of the trail:

Continue on the trail towards the other side of the hill. The trail will begin to slope downwards and the Darrington Trailhead parking lot and the Salmon Falls Road Bridge will come into view:

Take the trail the rest of the way down the hill until this bridge is reached. It is only a short distance from this bridge to the end of the trail (aka the Darrington Trailhead parking lot):

After reaching the parking lot, take the same trail back towards the Acorn Creek Trailhead parking lot.