Peña Adobe Hill

Location: Peña Adobe Regional Park; Vacaville, CA.

Distance: 3.4 miles

Type: Day-hike; Out-and-back.

Rating: Moderate.

Dog Friendly?: Yes, on a leash.

Permits & Fees: $5 fee to park (credit card or cash).

Driving Directions to Trailhead: Click HERE. There is a small lot outside of the yellow gate that is open from dawn until dusk. The yellow gate opens for cars at 7:30a and provides access to the main lot (this is where the pay station and trailhead is located).

Preparation: Water and sunscreen! Arrive as early as possible, especially on the weekends. This is a very popular hike with heavy foot traffic.

The Hike:

AllTrails Map – CLICK HERE.

Full trail map and additional information on Peña Adobe Regional Park – CLICK HERE.

After parking and paying at the pay station (located at the nearest end of the lot), walk towards the main road that is opposite from the lake to locate the trailhead:

Continue up the hill until the following gate is reached:

After going through the gate, follow the trail up the hill. The trail starts out very steep, but eventually levels out. This pattern continues until the top of Peña Adobe Hill is reached. NOTE: There are several cows grazing along the trail and are completely harmless:

The “end” (there are several trails that continue on after this point) of this trail is marked at the top of Peña Adobe Hill by this structure:

Around the back of the structure, there is a swing that overlooks the incredible view. It reads “Let Your Dreams Blossom”:

After spending some time at the top, take the same trail back down the hill towards the parking lot. This portion of the hike offers even more views that may have been missed on the way up: