Cowles Mountain

Location: San Diego, California near the San Carlos neighborhood.

Distance: 6 miles

Type: Day-Hike

Rating: Moderate

Permits: None required


There are several places to park in both a lot and along the road. For this trip, we brought water (not nearly enough) and sunscreen.

The Hike

Although we hiked this trail in the middle of October early in the morning, the temperature was in the mid-90’s. Needless to say, it was H.O.T. Luckily we put on sunscreen and took some with us. The hike up to the top of he mountain is steep with several switchbacks. There is limited shade, so wearing a hat and/or sunglasses is recommended. Once at the top, we had a 360° view of San Diego, which was absolutely stunning! Hiking back down was much easier, however, by then the temperature was even higher making it seem more difficult than the hike actually is. The pictures I took do not do the view any justice. If you ever find yourself in San Diego and have time for this hike, I highly recommend it.