Avery’s Pond

Location: Newcastle, CA; Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

Distance: 2.7 miles

Type: Day-hike; Out-and-back

Rating: Easy

Permits & Fees: $12 parking fee (yikes- I know that’s a lot!). There is a self registration box at the check-in booth, which is located at the entrance of the boat launch.

Driving Directions: Parking is located at the Rattlesnake Bar Boat Launch. Directions can be found here.

Preparation: Water, sunscreen and good hiking shoes. Arrive early to ensure a parking spot.

Dog Friendly? Yes!

The Hike:

After parking at the Rattlesnake Bar Boat Launch, locate the trailhead, which is at the very far left corner of the lot. If you have trouble finding it, just locate the bathrooms and walk straight down to the launch, and the trail comes into view:

There is a fork in the trail at the 0.1 mile mark. Make sure to stay to the left (the trail to the left looks steep, but it will eventually level out; this is the toughest part of the trail):

Continue on the trail and soak up the views! Folsom Lake can be seen from parts of the trail:

There are a few wooden bridges towards the second half of the hike. It is only a short distance from the final bridge until Avery’s Pond is reached:

This wooden fence marks the entrance to Avery’s Pond. NOTE: the trail wraps around the entire pond and includes picnic tables and access points to Folsom Lake:

The pond is full of wildlife, including ducks and turtles! After completing the small loop around the pond, take the same trail back to the Rattlesnake Bar Boat Launch. This hike is extremely family-friendly and is beautiful all year-round. Enjoy!