Bridalveil Fall & Lower Yosemite Falls

Location: Yosemite National Forest, near the West entrance.

Distance: Bridalveil Fall – 1.2 miles; Lower Yosemite Falls – 1.5 miles

Type: “Mini” Day-Hikes

Rating: Very Easy

Permits: None required


Both hikes required little preparation. Bridalveil Fall hike is a simple, quick hike with a beautiful view of Bridalveil Fall. If you find yourself in Yosemite, this hike is a great little detour to take. Lower Yosemite Falls is the very first mile and a half of the Half Dome hike (See Half Dome) with views of Yosemite Falls. Hiking shoes, water and a jacket were necessary for both of these hikes.

The Hikes

On Valentine’s Day 2016, my boyfriend took me to Yosemite for the day. We drove into the Park through the West entrance and drove through the tunnel on Wawona Road, which offers the famous Tunnel View on the opposite side (pictured below).

For the first hike (Bridalveil Fall) we parked in the trailhead parking lot and started the hike up to the base of the waterfall. Once at the end of the trail, we could see and feel the waterfall, which was very refreshing. Despite being surrounded by snow in the middle of winter, it was a very warm day.

After we hiked back down to the car, we drove to Curry Village, parked the car again, and started our second hike up to Lower Yosemite Falls. This hike offers an incredible view of another beautiful waterfall. These two hikes are recommended if you’re looking for a relaxing day to enjoy with you friends, family or SO.